Corporate Events

We can organise a fantastic Team Building event working in partnership with one of our external suppliers. Just take a look at the suggestions below for inspirational for a truly memorable event!


Corporate Events at Barnham Broom


Crime Scene Investigation

Your team of intrepid investigators are responsible for identifying killers,robbers and criminals. You have to find all the clues or the criminal will get away. Guiding you through this amazing adventure will be Ex Scotland Yard Senior.

Detectives and other professionals. This is your unique and unusual opportunity to investigate a crime; usually the province of the police. “The Killing” is your chance to work with your colleagues in a completely different way! This is a proven, fresh approach to team building without the “usual suspects”!

Guests are divided into ‘Investigation Teams’  Each team has a CSI briefcase with everything needed for the investigation; they also receive full CSI Kit. What is the motive? How was the person murdered? What evidence have you got to connect the suspect(s) to the crime scene?


Murder Mystery

All the fun of a traditional murder mystery with Crime Scene Investigation included. You play host to a murder! We have 2 fantastic options for you to choose from;

The Rocky Horror Murder Show
The forthcoming production of the Rocky Horror Show is looking for extras. Casting Director Keith Myath needs a group of Transylvanians ready and willing to ‘Time Warp’ with the best of them. They are all invited to a group audition where they discover more than they bargained for. There is apparently a curse on the production and then it turns out that there’s a killer loose at the Frankenstein Place and the auditionees help may be needed to take a jump to the left and find the culprit!

Spies, Lies and Who Dies
All the guests are detectives investigating a heinous crime at Gaddiel House which is a spy finishing school. The event can be set in either 1924 or 1946. At stages during the evening things will happen which may change the focus of the events and the objectives may alter. Some elements of ‘code-breaking’ and forensic science.


Real Life Clu D’oo

Was it in the conservatory with the bread knife committed  by Miss Scarlet? or perhaps it was Professor Plum with the poison in the utility room? This popular board game comes to life with 6 suspects, 9 different locations and 9 potential means of murder.

The legendary Dr Black has been found murdered in his own home. It is now your task to try and solve who really did kill him, where they did it and how they did it. With a forensic twist on the classic game you must scientifically prove one of the 486 different combinations to be true.

You will have access to all the potential weapons, secret tape recordings and all the forensic equipment needed to solve this case. This is a “Who, How and What-Dunnit”


Crime and Dine

Investigate a crime over a meal. This is a very popular and fun event. We design your own crime and dining experience.

Our forensic expert will outline the crime at the beginning of the evening. You will be guided through the different stages of the investigation between and after courses. You will have to try your hand at fingerprinting, dusting items for criminals prints and other forensic activities.

Towards the end you will be given some FBI software and you will have to create a photofit of one of the suspects! Dinner is served…



Archery can be used as a team skill, individual challenge or as a coaching tool and is adaptable for corporate uses. Using modern ‘recurve’ bows the instructor will kit you up and provide you with a bow suitable for your height and strength. It doesn’t matter how strong you are. Archery competitions included.



We can offer a variety of quiet motorised sports. The most suitable for the venue is Segways. Riding the Segway feels like nothing you’ve ever experienced because there’s never been anything like it. Step on and your instinct will be to steady yourself, as you would on anything with two wheels. But almost immediately you’ll realize that the Segway is balancing for you, almost like it has become an extension of you.


Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Laser clay pigeon shooting is an activity which can be enjoyed by everyone. Each player uses a modified shotgun to fire an infrared beam at real clays launched from a real clay launcher. Whenever a trigger is pulled, the digital control module/scoreboard generates the shotgun ‘bang’ and when a player hits the target it reproduces the sound of a breaking clay. The same as real clay shooting!


Beautifully British

What better way to spend your afternoon sipping tea, eating scones and having a round of croquet? Our British experience can be tailored to your needs, would you prefer golf or mini-golf? Pimms or Earl Grey?With British themed games and activities and an afternoon tea to complement it, this event will have you feeling more patriotic than ever.

Games on the day could include; cricket, rounders, croquet, badminton, tennis lawn bowls and giant garden games such as Jenga and connect 4.

For those wanting something still typically british but a little more competitive and alternative we can offer you shooting and archery, typical country pursuits.

For those wanting something a little more traditional still, why not combine the afternoon with a “Sports Day” event, have team spirit at an all time high with this highly entertaining “blast from the past”. A whole host ofclassic races including the three-legged dash, the egg and spoon race and of course the sack race.



We guide participants through skills and techniques to understand the art of falconry. Initially confidence will be built up as you learn about the hawks and buzzards, getting to know the more intimate side of a top predator as they are held safely on you fist. Learning and practising ways of how she would hunt in the wild.


Magic Team Building

We guide participants through skills and techniques to understand the art of falconry. Initially confidence will be built up as you learn about the hawks and buzzards, getting to know the more intimate side of a top predator as they are held safely on you fist. Learning and practising ways of how she would hunt in the wild.


Crystal Challenge

Based on the popular ‘90’s game show, our flagship Crystal Maze is the best teambuilding event on the market. Hosted by our very own Richard O’ Brian, in teams you will compete against each other in an exhilarating mix of activities, dashing between the Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic zones.

Teams will face an exciting range of mental, skill, physical and mystery challenges that if successful, will yield a crystal and precious seconds of time inside the crystal dome. At this frenzied finish to the day, the top teams do battle and collect as many gold tickets as possible in our giant inflatable dome, the one with the most gold are crowned the winners.



Our brand new 12ft X 6ft Giant Scalextric Digital and 16ft X 6ft Giant Scalextric can race between four and six Scalextric cars with our new controllers which include overtake function and braking to enhance your driving experience on our stylish Giant Scalextric Layout. Our digital lap counter can work out finish places on our Giant Scalextric making knock out competitions ideal creating the competitive vibe on the Giant Scalextric.

Giant Scalextric Hire is great as side entertainment or as a competitive team building event. On our giant scalextric Track we race formula 1, sports cars, saloons, vans and motorbikes.


Icing on the cake

One of our more popular events. You will experience what it would be like to be a professional cake decorating. Running through a range of techniques and methods of creating decorations and icing you will decorate 6 cakes each for  you to take and devour. This is NOT just for females, many men will discover their artistic flair.


Truffle Making

We will teach you how to create gorgeous homemade treats, you will make truffles using a variety of fresh ingredients, herbs, spices and alcohols. The workshop is fun packed and shows you how to roll and dip truffles then decorate using a variety of techniques. Then have fun packaging your creations. You will go home with everything you have made.


Casino Tables

Our casino events give you the unique look and feel of a real casino and are a great way to get people in the party mood. And of course there’s no risk of your guests losing their hard earned cash! We’ll supply them with ‘fun money’ at the start of the evening and the person with the most at the end wins an engraved ‘Tournament Winner‘ trophy… or a prize of your choice!

Our events can offer you one table or a full Casino, the choice is yours. Unlike many fun casinos we don’t train our staff in the van on the way to a venue! Our croupiers all have many years international casino experience so can expertly explain the games and entertain your guests.

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