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Advanced treatments

Advanced Back, Face & Scalp Treatment with Hot Stones - £90

A powerful stress releasing treatment using hot stones to work on deep seated tension and restore balance to vital energy points. The deep cleansing back exfoliation is followed by the hot stone back massage restoring equilibrium to mind and body. Hot stones are placed along spine, shoulders and neck to soothe and relax. The facial includes massage with a deeply nourishing facial oil and the application of an intensive face treatment mask, tailored to your individual needs. Whilst the mask is taking effect, the oriental head massage takes place to help clear the mind, calm the spirit and ease tension. The result is rehydrated, nourished and soothed skin combined with a sense of deep relaxation.

ESPA Holistic Total Body Care with Hot Stones - £90

Chakras are the seven subtle energy centres in the body which affect our equilibrium and inner harmony. Blocked Chakras can stifle the natural energies and zest for life is lost or subdued.

After a full body exfoliation, stones are placed along the spine, at vital energy points on hands and feet and on Chakras around the body. The body is massaged using essential oils combined with the use of hot stones to release tension. Critical tension points are massaged around the eyes and ears before an acupressure head massage is given. This full body treatment ends with gentle stretching to help release deep-seated tension around the neck and shoulders and leave your body feeling soothed and your spirit calm.

Age Defyer Facial - £60

This advanced, totally luxurious regenerating facial treatment has been specially created to help combat the signs of ageing and sun damaged skin. Special facial massage techniques using ESPA products rich in antioxidants help hydrate and protect your skin with particular focus on the delicate area around the eyes, neck and lips that are prone to fine lines. The anti-ageing, rejuvenating benefits of this treatment visibly improve the appearance of the skin, helping to minimise lines and wrinkles and leaving the skin fresh, revitalised and nourished.